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American Development Institute has developed a program called "See No. CO2" A program based on a foundation of the cost-effective Carbon Foot Print Reduction. The three components of this program are: Renewable Energy, Energy Management and Energy Education

Renewable Energy Cost effective renewable energy is not easy without major subsidies. ADI will evaluate any renewable energy system such as Wind, Solar, Solar Thermal, Bio-Mass Energy, Biogas, Land-Fill Gas, Hydro Power and alike. These renewable energy options will be developed using a software that is similar to our our proprietary CHP Energy Dashboard TM

Energy Management Services We assist clients procure and use energy more efficiently and let them understand energy issues on the supply side as well as the demand side and how it affects their Carbon Foot Print. We assist them in sorting out which contracting vehicles work the best for them: performance contracting, demand-side management, commodity procurement management, as a guide through the process. These options will be developed using our proprietary
Energy Dashboard TM

Commissioning Services – We at ADI are concerned that many projects are being built without the owners' understanding of the complexity and interactivity of the well designed building to insure occupant comfort and a lowest life cycle cost.
These RCX services will be evaluated using our proprietary
RCX Dasboard TM.